Picture of Bentley SUV – (features of Bentley SUV)

Bentley SUV is the ultimate car to have. It is the fastest SUV ever and provides you with a really good drive if you are a lover of speeds. This car is the absolute beauty with its exotic looks and beyond amazing features which make it the number one car on the wish lists of many people.
The Bentley SUV was revealed around 2015 and we all fell in love with this car the moment we saw a glimpse of it in the ads. It is a car which is best for families because it is the safest car around and can easily transport many people. The car is really spacious and seating capacity is quite large so all your family members can fit it perfectly. You do not have to make multiple trips when you have to transport your big family from a place to another. Simply get everybody settled comfortably and take them wherever you want in a single trip. The seating capacity is truly wondrous. A big Seating capacity is the ultimate wish feature of everyone who has a big family.
If you are buying this car for your family but you are also a lover of speed and want that occasional rush then the Bentley SUV provides you the ultimate combo of safety and speed. This car has a 600 horse power engine which makes this a powerful car which can easily go up to long speeds of about 187 miles per hour. The car can go from 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds. This means on a weekend you can race about or enjoy the speedy driving. It is the fastest SUV in the market.
Bentley SUV is also known for its performance. It is an all-terrain type of car and gives an outstanding performance both on and off-road. It is 4 or all-wheel drive. Some versions came with 2 doors but the new SUVs come with 4 doors. The car can be driven on any kind of terrain. It performs best on any track and gives you that smooth drive which you desire. You can take your family to picnics and quick trips on weekends to the hills or places with off road tracks too.
The new 2017 Bentley SUVs come with a stop-start technology which is a unique feature and has been available for the first time on a Bentley. Bentley SUV can achieve the fuel consumption of 21.6 mpg with an emission of 296g/km. This is due to the stop-start technology coupled with the variable displacement systems. The engine of Bentley Bentayga SUV also features port injection and direct injection technologies. The car smoothly and seamlessly switches between the two to deliver the most efficient hint of turbo lag.
The interiors of this car are equally beautiful with leather seats which are diamond quilted and are super comfortable. All these wondrous features make the Bentley SUV undoubtedly the best car for any average person to buy for their family and enjoy a luxurious drive along with them.