Why Drive an SUV?

We live in times of growing inflation and it gets quite expensive to own, maintain and use a car. In these desperate times when downsizing the vehicle seems like the only option to us, SUVs come to save the day. You do not have to get turned around by the overwhelming pressure to downsize. There are many benefits of owning an SUV. The number one being that SUV is a family car and it can fit more people efficiently. If you have a big family, you might face an issue which transporting them but SUVs eliminate this issue and you can take everyone along easily and quite comfortably. The SUVs are the fuel efficient cars and are rated to achieve over 30 miles per gallon on the highway. SUVs are also one of the safest cars around.  Another good feature of the SUV is its towing ability. In the times of economic strife, there are still people who have hobbies like going on camping or fishing trips. You can easily add a towing kit to this car. SUV also has a really good ground clearance and beefy suspension system.


An SUV is a Suburban Utility Vehicle or a Sports Utility Vehicle which is classified as a mini or light truck but is mostly used as a family car. The car looks somewhat similar to a station wagon and an estate car but it typically features an interior packaging, high centre of gravity and high ground clearance. Other features may include high H-point seating too. The SUVs come with four or all-wheel drive options and provide the capability for on or off-road ability. Some SUVs might even include the towing capacity of a small pickup truck.

The SUVs became widely popular in the late 90s and in early 2000s. SUVs have been mid-size passenger cars historically with a body on frame chassis just like a light truck, although, their designs may vary. They are considered the perfect family cars. All your family members can sit comfortably in this car and enjoy a smooth drive. Seating is one of the biggest advantages this car has over other cars. It comes with increased safety features with increased visibility and handling coupled with some really good fuel efficient options to make it the ultimate family car.