Bentley SUV Price

Bentley is a car manufacturer and marketer which has made its place in the market. No matter how expensive its cars get, people are always chasing them and want to buy them because of their unmatched quality, amazing features, and beautiful looks.

Bentley entered the SUV business quite recently. Bentley released its first SUV around in 2015 and people from all over the world went crazy over it by just looking at a few seconds of its teaser video. When the car hit the markets and was available for sale, its sale skyrocketed and before we know it was sold everywhere because people couldn’t stop themselves from laying their hands on this car.

The Bentley SUV has many features which make it the ultimate car to have. Starting with its amazing state of the art design, beautiful exotic looks, and majestic interiors, the car is an absolute incarnation of beauty. The car has all its luxury packed inside it. The car comes in a handful of amazing colours. The interiors are extremely breath-taking with multiple choices for carpeting, hides, and colours too.

The car is the combo of both beauty and the beast because this car has a 600 horsepower engine. The car can run like a beast at 187 miles per hour speed giving you the feel of driving a sports car. The car goes from 0 to a speed of 60 in just 3.5 seconds. The diesel version of Bentley SUV goes even faster than this.

The car is built to give a great performance in all types of terrain. It has special off-roading and hill-descent features as well as special options for driving in snow and forests. The car gives equally great performance both on and off the road. The drive is quite smooth and handling is also easy and smooth as well.

The Bentley SUV 2015 was released with a starting price of $229,100 which seems expensive at first but once you look at the amazing features which you are getting at this price, you know it is a good investment for you to make. Since then the Bentley SUVs have taken the roads and the markets by a storm and people have loved them. The latest 2017 Bentley SUV is available at a price of $231,825.

For this price, you not only get a beautiful car which runs fast but also some other features including its capability to fit large numbers of people. The car is really spacious. For this price, you can buy some other fancy car but if you have a big family or a good number of friends which you have to transport around then other cars might not be the one for you. The Bentley SUVs are big and roomy. This makes them super comfortable. You can fit all of your friends or family members easily and everybody can sit comfortably and has plenty of leg room too. You will not be able to find any other car at the same price which will fit everyone. The price is a fair charge if you look at the issue of squeezing people uncomfortably and you will be assured that the price you are paying will eliminate this discomfort of your friends and family and also save you from the hassle of making multiple trips.

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Bentley Bentayga SUV Price

Bentley is known for its one of a kind luxurious cars which make all of our eyes widen with their beauty and exotic looks. Bentley Bentayga is one of the most bizarre and beautiful cars from the Bentley family. Ettore Bugatti, on looking at Bentley 4 ½, called it the fastest truck but at that time he surely didn’t know that Bentley will come up with Bentayga.
Bentley Bentayga SUV is the fastest SUV of the world. It has a 600 Horsepower engine which can go up to 187 miles per hour and shoots from zero to 60 in less than 4 seconds. If you are a lover of speeds, imagine sitting in an SUV and going 187 miles per hour. This car definitely makes you feel like you’re driving a fancy sports car instead of an SUV and you have to perform a reality check to believe that it really is true.
Bentley Bentayga is an amazing car if we look at the price range and do a comparative analysis as well. The Bentley Bentayga SUV Price is roughly $231,825 for the latest 2017 model. The price range is $229,100 – $231,825 for different Bentayga models. Now this may seem a lot and yes it is one of the most expensive cars around but if you look at the other cars which come under the same price range you can surely see that the Bentley Bentayga is more than what one can ask for in this price.
The car comes bundled with a ton of features which, if you compare to the other cars in the market or even just the SUV category, are a lot for the price that you will pay. The car is totally worth your investment and you will not be regretting once you get in the driving seat of this car and give it a spin.
The Bentley Bentayga SUV is a good investment to make if you have a big family. You might face the hassle of transporting them all in a single trip if you want to take them all somewhere and will have to make multiple trips so everyone can be taken while they sit comfortable and don’t have to squeeze in together and be uncomfortable. Bentley Bentayga is the car for you if you have this issue and one big happy family to transport. For the price, you may find other cars which may catch your attention too but we can assure you that no other car may fit your family needs except Bentley Bentayga. It is a quite spacious car and all your family can sit comfortably in it. It has incredibly comfortable seats which are of leather and diamond quilted. No one has to squeeze in to make room because it is already spacious. With this car, you can take your whole family in just a single trip to anywhere you want to go. No one gets left behind, No one has to squeeze in, and No one has to be uncomfortable. There is plenty of leg room too so your family can sit back and relax the ride.