Bentley SUV for Sale

Bentley is a big name of the market. It is a British manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs. It has been in the market for the last 98 years and has made its place among the top car manufacturing companies of the world. Most of the cars are made in England while some are manufactured in Germany as well. Bentley has been manufacturing luxury cars for a long time and continues its legacy to provide one of a kind cars which are cherished by everyone.
Bentley entered up the SUV business by launching its SUV car by the name of Bentayga. This unique name is actually inspired by the Taiga snow forest which is the crown of the northern hemisphere. It is also inspired by the Roque Bentayga which is a rock formation in an island called Gran Canaria in Spain. This title was meant to bring out the image of dramatic beauty and spectacular views of these areas.
Bentley believes that their SUV is a world class vehicle which combines both the luxury of an automobile and the outstanding performance of a good car to make it one of the top cars in any car lover’s ultimate wish list.
Bentley’s SUV is the fastest SUV which has ever been made and has no match to it. It is an all-terrain automobile and can be driven anywhere both on and off road with ease. It provides you with the ultimate driving experience. It has the most technically advanced engine installed in it. Bentley has truly redefined what an SUV engine should be capable of with its Bentayga. This car is a mixture of luxury and performance.
There are many different models of Bentley SUVs for sale which are available at various retailers all around the world. However, Bentley’s SUV is the most expensive SUV of the world. This doesn’t stop the buyers from spending their money on this. The first year that the Bentley SUV came out for sale, it was already sold out before we could even start.
Bentley SUV for sale is on a starting price of $229,100. It has 600 horse powered engine which can make the car go from zero to 60 in about 4.1 seconds. It can also reach up to 187 miles per hour which are quite cool for a SUV type car.
Though it seems expensive but once you look at the features this car provides you, the price literally seems appropriate. Bentley SUV for sale can be found on the official site of Bentley as well as on various online forums. You can compare the prices which different retailers and dealers are offering you and get the best deal. There is also an option of buying a 2nd hand Bentley SUV. Because this car has so many cool features and it is also the best family car you can even buy a 2nd hand one at a cheaper rate than the brand new one and still enjoy all the features as this car is quite durable and remains just like new for a very long time.